Friday, August 13, 2010

New Post Just Because!

One of the ongoing problems I seem to have with the "Blog" is the very time consuming and frustrating way in which pictures and images were handled.
There for, I had pretty much given up blogging. It was just a nightmare laboriously moving the uploaded pictures to where I wanted them on the page.
Well, this evening I got some information about the new improved global editor with better function and control for adding images... we shall see!

   This is a picture of the little rascal that drove us Flipping Bananas this spring.
A pregnant female who chewed several holes in the side of our house and caused several hundred dollars in damage. My husband did finally manage to block her  access and she found another abode in which to have her demon spawn.  

They are adorable, and comical.. Natures extremely adaptable TreeRat.  
Adios little mother adios.