Sunday, March 30, 2008

Painted White Kitten aka Little Miss Blue Eyes

It has been such a long time since I have done really anything with this blog, one I really dislike to type,, Geee I think I have said that before.. similar to the phrase my Husband hears from me alot.. "Have I ever told you I really dislike cooking?" LOL... anyhoo.. in getting the spring cleaning bug I have been going through many of my things that were done awhile ago and assesing them and I will be including some of them in the blog along with new pieces I have been working on,.. this pendant is a hand painted stone, which I had used my sweet kitty as inspiration for, she has been gone for several years now. Wiresculpted goldfill wire with white freshwater pearls and hematite rice beads... NFS. I love painting animals and I am going to get back into it I think.

Wire Sculpted Copper and Shell Button Cameo

I did this one several years ago, I mounted a small resin fashion cameo on an old antique shell button and then worked a copper 20 ga wire sculpted setting for it. She has been sitting in a drawer for a very long time... but I just recently oxidized the wire, I like the way it came out, softly polishing the wire took off some of the darker color and gave this pendant a nice antique feel to it.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Glass "Faux" Lapis Cabachon Pendent

I got some neat faux Lapis Lazuli glass cabochons a few years ago and used 19 gauge sterling silver round wire to make a wire sculpted setting I call Fandango, reminded me of a Flaminco Dancer flipping her skirt!

Twisted Steel Coil Bracelet

This is one of my favorite twisted coil "noodle" bracelets that I have made, it is mild steel or black wire as I call it, with copper accents and dark green and orange glass beads, hand hammered S clasp with a copper doo hickey decoration on the clasp.. this wire gets Hard with working it... but I do love the steel wire, coils have been buffed to remove some of the dark layer and expose the wire color underneath. It looks very much like a Hematite sheen, Very Goth looking... and as I am kinda Goth I really like it! This fits perfectly on my 6.5" wrist and might fit a 7" if you would like it, 20.00 plus 2.50 shipping (bubble mailer) and insurance is you want it.

Sea Opal Glass Bead and Copper Bracelet

This is a "Noodle" bracelet, copper noodles and beads with 3 "sea opal" glass beads... I love the look of the opaline type glass beads, these are showing more violet in the image but are actually more blueish, this is one of the first noodle bracelets I have done. I had heard of them for a few years but as I rarely buy any components other then beads and wire I had never been interested in them, but I espyed these at my fave bead merchants and bought a few... I really like them! I used 16ga copper wire through the noodles which was interesting as most wire used is 20ga, but I wanted a good sturdy bracelet. Fits my 6.5" wrist but would be comfortable up to a 7" I had to gently ream out the bead holes a bit to fit also. Hand hammered S clasp. Wearing copper is reputed to be good for aches and pains, and I wear a tri metal copper bracelet for my arthritis. and truthfully I do think it helps! SOLD

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Ginger Cat

This is one of my newer pieces, the cat picture was painted on a flattish river rock in 2003, but I didn't use it as I didn't like the way the cat ears came out, but I like the eyes so I just stuffed it in a drawer and found it a few weeks ago, I usually will scratch the "offending" painting off and reuse the rock. But this one was perfect for what I wanted to practice which is a style of woven bezel, taught by a cool Lady, Sherry Dancingfether... the woven bezel style called the Toodles Weave which was published in a Step by Step wire jewelry magazine last year.. the technique can be time consuming to do but it is wonderful for fragile stones or items that need a little more protection versus regular wire wrapping.