Friday, September 14, 2007

Golden Egypt

Copper wire Sculpted Tiger Eye cabochon and necklace.

Pendent is Large and sculpted of 18 ga round copper wire. Three strands were formed by hand around the Tiger Eye Cab. I really love this beautiful piece of gem material... it has lovely chatoyancy and a tiny glimmer of greenish color along one side. The bail is very large and pendent taken off and necklace worn alone.
Hand formed copper donut beads, handcrafted S clasp closure.

Gus and her Halo

This bracelet can be seen at
Byzantine chainmaille bracelet woven with black Anodized Alum. rings, BA or Bright Aluminum
is also used for the dangles and the hook clasp.
BA looks very similar to Silver, but does not have the tarnish problems, there can be some slight greying over time but a quick wash and rinse brings it back up to Top Sparkle.
The beads are agate and jaspers in greens, mauves and pinks with gorgeous 8 mm or larger freshwater pearls.
The painted rock is of my beloved kitty who passed on last year... her name was Gus. She sits on my work bench and keeps me company while I make jewelry. The bracelet is for sale at My Etsy shop AtabbycatArts

Autum Essense Bracelet

I love Chainmaille jewelry... and my favorite to make are chunky pearl and gemstone beaded ones. Anodized Aluminum rings in a dark warm coppery brown woven in the Tryzintine pattern, which is an off shoot of the Byzantine one of the most popular and beautiful chain designs. 8mm Unakite beads blend with baroque copper colored and golden hued freshwater pearls.

All the pearls were re drilled by hand to use on 20 ga copper wire. A handmade copper hook clasp creates a bracelet that is Fall inspired.

The bear, I painted on river rock in acrylic paint.

Chinese Turquoise in wire woven bezel

This is quite a large Turquoise "Donut" that is mostly the matrix and lovely splotches of the green, blue and yellow. Wrapped in a fine copper wire (24 gauge) woven bezel with lovely freshwater pearl accents at the top and over the hole in the middle. A large bail that can accomadate a large multi strand of beads or pearls.

This fantastic style of wire woven bezel setting was the brainchild of a Wonderful Wire worker, wrapper, Dancing Feather (who I am in utter awe of ) Her instructions for this technique was published in Step by Step wire Jewelry the summer preview edition... And a sweet sweet Lady to boot!

I love this technique and have had great success in using it for many pieces that would have been difficult to set in traditional pronged wire wrap or wire sculpted settings.

Owl in Copper

This is a little hand painted pebble Owl. Sitting in a copper wire harness, as of now it is temporarily strung on a black linen cord with a hand coiled copper wire bead... I have been looking at this little guy for several months trying to envision the necklace that he will be connected to... stay tuned I will get it done eventually!