Friday, September 14, 2007

Golden Egypt

Copper wire Sculpted Tiger Eye cabochon and necklace.

Pendent is Large and sculpted of 18 ga round copper wire. Three strands were formed by hand around the Tiger Eye Cab. I really love this beautiful piece of gem material... it has lovely chatoyancy and a tiny glimmer of greenish color along one side. The bail is very large and pendent taken off and necklace worn alone.
Hand formed copper donut beads, handcrafted S clasp closure.

Gus and her Halo

This bracelet can be seen at
Byzantine chainmaille bracelet woven with black Anodized Alum. rings, BA or Bright Aluminum
is also used for the dangles and the hook clasp.
BA looks very similar to Silver, but does not have the tarnish problems, there can be some slight greying over time but a quick wash and rinse brings it back up to Top Sparkle.
The beads are agate and jaspers in greens, mauves and pinks with gorgeous 8 mm or larger freshwater pearls.
The painted rock is of my beloved kitty who passed on last year... her name was Gus. She sits on my work bench and keeps me company while I make jewelry. The bracelet is for sale at My Etsy shop AtabbycatArts

Autum Essense Bracelet

I love Chainmaille jewelry... and my favorite to make are chunky pearl and gemstone beaded ones. Anodized Aluminum rings in a dark warm coppery brown woven in the Tryzintine pattern, which is an off shoot of the Byzantine one of the most popular and beautiful chain designs. 8mm Unakite beads blend with baroque copper colored and golden hued freshwater pearls.

All the pearls were re drilled by hand to use on 20 ga copper wire. A handmade copper hook clasp creates a bracelet that is Fall inspired.

The bear, I painted on river rock in acrylic paint.

Chinese Turquoise in wire woven bezel

This is quite a large Turquoise "Donut" that is mostly the matrix and lovely splotches of the green, blue and yellow. Wrapped in a fine copper wire (24 gauge) woven bezel with lovely freshwater pearl accents at the top and over the hole in the middle. A large bail that can accomadate a large multi strand of beads or pearls.

This fantastic style of wire woven bezel setting was the brainchild of a Wonderful Wire worker, wrapper, Dancing Feather (who I am in utter awe of ) Her instructions for this technique was published in Step by Step wire Jewelry the summer preview edition... And a sweet sweet Lady to boot!

I love this technique and have had great success in using it for many pieces that would have been difficult to set in traditional pronged wire wrap or wire sculpted settings.

Owl in Copper

This is a little hand painted pebble Owl. Sitting in a copper wire harness, as of now it is temporarily strung on a black linen cord with a hand coiled copper wire bead... I have been looking at this little guy for several months trying to envision the necklace that he will be connected to... stay tuned I will get it done eventually!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

White Pearls Black Hemitite 65.00

I have been on a kick of making the chainmaille and bead bracelets lately. Experimenting with some new weaves also but this one is a 16ga. Bright Aluminum rings in the Byzantine weave...which is probably my favorite. Large 9mm White freshwater off round pearls with good nacre and luster alternate with 8mm hemitite beads. This will fit up to an 8in wrist and can be altered easily to fit under 7. $65.00
Beautiful and eye catching for wear on warm summer evenings, all the pearls were redrilled by hand to accomodate the 20 ga wire I use to wrap the dangles. If interested use the contact me,
This would be lovely in a smaller gauge rings with smaller beads and pearls for a younger girl.
I have other bracelets in colored anodized aluminum and beautiful colored pearls and beads.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

A pair of faceted Tiger Eye bead earrings with copper coiled seed bead wheels. An Eni Oken inspired design. Tiger Eye is one of my favorite gem materials, this pair has a lovely greenish layer of color at the bottom of each bead that is not noticeable in this picture, Irving my lovely modeling assistant was in a snit and threatened to bite me if I tried to press him into any more modeling. Gargoyles can be so moody and disagreeable! Irving can be found hiding in the older posts Irvings SRP, 15.00

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Irvings Earrings

Irving modeling a pair of Eni Oken style earrings. And again he is not amused... Three gorgeous golden color button shape freshwater pearls with copper spacer beads. The round dangles are made of copper and gold colored non tarnish wire with little root beer glass seed beads as embelishment.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Irving and the Jasper

Like most "Rock hounds" I have collected tumbled polished nugget stones. For quite awhile I just looked at them, now I have a way to use undrilled polished stones, in wire wrapped settings..

This is Irving the Gargoyle... ( I love Gargoyles! and have a small collection) and after much cajoling he agreed to model some of my stuff.. but he certainly doesn't look very happy about it!

A red jasper in a 16ga copper wrap.

I am not very good at this type of wire setting as is evidenced in the gaps between the stone and the wire, but it is secure and I am working on finding the right colors of agate and jasper beads to make a necklace to hang this from.
Thanks Irving you're doing a heck of a job!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Happy Birthday! to Me :)

I haven't posted in awhile, I had a birthday and have been busy... Wow time flies when you're having fun! Worked on a new way I think of making a slip on bangle bracelet... it turned out rather nice I think but I have been tweaking with the design to enhance it..

A wonderful surreal Jasper focal bead and hand fashioned copper twisted tubes and copper donut beads. This has no clasp. Slip on!

Interested in having me make one for you? Email me! $25.00

Friday, April 6, 2007

Bloo Moon Necklace

Bloo Moon, Lovely freshwater dyed pearl, my favorite color of seed beads (root beer) Hand formed copper donut beads, cats eye beads and gorgeous Chinese vintage porcelain beads, hand made clasp. A wonderful Summer necklace. If you are interested in purchasing this necklace please email me, Paypal $80.00 Shipping USP Priority 5.80 I have bought and sold items on Ebay over the last few years and have over 100 positive feedbacks and NO negatives

Monday, March 26, 2007

Unknown Stone Pendant

I really don't know what the stone is in this pendant. It's a creamy white color with fine brownish coppery lines and smudges.. the polish is not great so it has a soft sheen rather then a high gloss. I have observed a pair of beautiful drop earrings with a very similar stone, the maker said that her stones were a rare white turquoise that is highly valued by Native Americans. All I know is that I have never seen anything close to this before, if anyone has any ideas I would love to hear from you...?
The copper wire setting has a huge woven wire bail suitable for just about anything. I am currently mulling over necklace designs to hang this pendant from. And thinking of adding a pearl or two in the top two swirls.. (I am Goofy for pearls!) Not sure yet but this is a work in progress... :)

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Silver & Gold MOP pendant

This item is available for purchase at

This is a MOP (mother of pearl) Cabochon set in a 14 k goldfill and sterling silver wire sculpture. A tiny pearl sits in the top swirl ...this looks wonderful on a strand of pearls. Round and square wire were used.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Three Bracelets

A trio, one which has already been posted by itself. The one with the white, blue and green beads was the first bangle of this kind I had made. The Chainmaille and pearl bracelet is one I enjoy making though all the pearls have to be re drilled to accommodate the 20 to 18 gauge wire I use to "dangle" them.. time consuming and a bit dangerous as I use a dremel and hold the wet little pearls in my fingers as I expand the holes! So far NO mishaps! Wooo Hoo!
In this picture the color of the pearls looks rather "mustardy" They aren't they really are a lovely goldenish color. These are fun to wear and make a distinctive clicking noise that at least to me is rather soothing.

Friday, March 23, 2007

French Revival

A small black river pebble painted with an Autum leaf, 14k goldfill 21 ga square wire on a necklace that I made with glass and handcrafted paper beads.

China Blue

Three older vintage porcelain beads with hand formed copper coil tube beads and copper donut beads. The S clasp has a large dyed (but still gorgeous!) freshwater pearl and simulated "moonstone" glass beads. I textured the s arms on the clasp to a light hammered effect though this doesn't show up well in the picture.. the "moonstone" beads are just so pretty in good light. Copper is very malleable and this bracelet can be gently formed fitted to the wrist.

Three Pendants

Three very early examples of what I was doing when I first learned wirework. The Cameo is an inexpensive resin fashion cab set in a 4 wire brass wiresculpture setting with a light pink freshwater pearl.. the second is an Argonite cabochon in copper with a hidden bail.. this one works great with a scarf.. the third is a beautiful red jasper cabochon set in a more traditional wire wrap prong setting.... all done about 4 years ago.

Button in Brass

This is an interesting pendant I made last summer after I was scrounging around in a stash of buttons. It is plastic and probably made in the 1950s it is light pink and has sparkly strands of what looks similar to "Easter grass" embedded within it. I used jewelry grade brass wire and made a Preston Ruethor style pendant setting for it.. what has been strange is the brass has not seemed to tarnish at all... this type of setting is hard to really see in a picture as it is very three dimensional and a flat picture can't convey the depth and structural quality of the piece.
I wrapped another button that turned out so strange if viewed I swear would scare the bloomers off yer Granny!

Demeters Flower Bracelet

This bangle style is copper coiled tube beads with green aventurine quartz beads and hand hammered copper disks. A lovely freshwater pearl was set and then small Chechz glass druks and more green aventurine beads were added to the handcrafted S clasp. A Spring inspired creation!

Byzantine Bracelet with Pearls

Anodized Aluminum rings in a lovely bronze color. A Byzantine chainmaille weave with copper clasp and copper wrapped dangling pearls. This is the bracelet I wear the most right is a fun piece as it makes a wonderful sound! Sturdy and kinda Sexy!

Trinity Bell Flower

Copper wire, coil beads... large white freshwater pearls, turquoise nuggets and copper color e beads. I originally made this for a sister for Christmas, but I kept having doubts as to whether it was something she would like or I made her something else... and I was right as when I visited her for a Christmas get together I wore it my self and it got no comments from her at all... and since she holds to the conviction of if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing... I was at least relieved that I had made the right choice in gifting her with something else.. and now I can enjoy it!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bangology! 101

These are some of the strange bangle bracelets I love to make, they can be tricky to manage but they have a neat ethnic flair. Great for layering.
Hemitite, Freshwater pearls and Cats eye fiber optic beads. I have used many types of beads but the pearls and hemitite are my favorite... When I wear these, they make me happy!

Monday, March 19, 2007

This is a pendant I made a few months ago and then made a necklace to hang it off of... Pendant "stone" is cobalt blue beach glass chunk, it looks like it may have been the bottom of an old Alkaseltzer bottle... but I liked the color and wrapped a copper setting for it with a little Lapis bead in one of the top swirls. The necklace part is copper beads and coils, Cats eye laser optic beads, blue freshwater pearls, (dyed, but still beautiful) Sodalite beads and simulent "moonstone" chip beads. The S clasp has the " moonstone" chips, tiny copper beads and one big blue pearl.
One of the frustrations I have with this style of wire work is that the pendant is very three dimensional and it never looks as good in a picture as it really is... that or I just take lousy pictures!

A full veiw... Oh and I forgot, the bale is a three strand wire woven. :)

Friday, March 16, 2007

Kitty, Kitty, kitty!

I opened up this blogger account several months ago and have done absolutely nothing with it... I seem to find blank pages daunting and I get "cat got your tongue syndrome" when I have to write anything LOL. Funny, 'cause I sure can talk allot... it just seems to get scrambled twixt the brain and the fingers when it bypasses the mouth! And I have arthritis which can make it difficult to type... extremely time consuming.. but, I have stuff to show you! So this is my first foray into Cyber Space Bloggo World... and if you are interested, a peek into my world.

I am an artist, I have drawn, painted and created since I was very young. I have tried many different medias, but the one I have been compelled to work in the last few years has been wire art jewelry.
The Grey Kitten was painted by me using acrylic paints and sealed on a flat small stone and wire wrapped in sterling silver. A beautiful pink natural color pearl is wired in the swirl on the top.