Friday, September 14, 2007

Gus and her Halo

This bracelet can be seen at
Byzantine chainmaille bracelet woven with black Anodized Alum. rings, BA or Bright Aluminum
is also used for the dangles and the hook clasp.
BA looks very similar to Silver, but does not have the tarnish problems, there can be some slight greying over time but a quick wash and rinse brings it back up to Top Sparkle.
The beads are agate and jaspers in greens, mauves and pinks with gorgeous 8 mm or larger freshwater pearls.
The painted rock is of my beloved kitty who passed on last year... her name was Gus. She sits on my work bench and keeps me company while I make jewelry. The bracelet is for sale at My Etsy shop AtabbycatArts

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