Monday, March 26, 2007

Unknown Stone Pendant

I really don't know what the stone is in this pendant. It's a creamy white color with fine brownish coppery lines and smudges.. the polish is not great so it has a soft sheen rather then a high gloss. I have observed a pair of beautiful drop earrings with a very similar stone, the maker said that her stones were a rare white turquoise that is highly valued by Native Americans. All I know is that I have never seen anything close to this before, if anyone has any ideas I would love to hear from you...?
The copper wire setting has a huge woven wire bail suitable for just about anything. I am currently mulling over necklace designs to hang this pendant from. And thinking of adding a pearl or two in the top two swirls.. (I am Goofy for pearls!) Not sure yet but this is a work in progress... :)

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