Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sea Opal Glass Bead and Copper Bracelet

This is a "Noodle" bracelet, copper noodles and beads with 3 "sea opal" glass beads... I love the look of the opaline type glass beads, these are showing more violet in the image but are actually more blueish, this is one of the first noodle bracelets I have done. I had heard of them for a few years but as I rarely buy any components other then beads and wire I had never been interested in them, but I espyed these at my fave bead merchants and bought a few... I really like them! I used 16ga copper wire through the noodles which was interesting as most wire used is 20ga, but I wanted a good sturdy bracelet. Fits my 6.5" wrist but would be comfortable up to a 7" I had to gently ream out the bead holes a bit to fit also. Hand hammered S clasp. Wearing copper is reputed to be good for aches and pains, and I wear a tri metal copper bracelet for my arthritis. and truthfully I do think it helps! SOLD

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