Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Finished Whacky Squares Pillow

Whoooo Hooo! I got my first real "Quilted" project done, I learned allot with this, and now I feel very confident to go on to the next project which will be one of my new Great Nephews baby quilts.

The pillow is made of free hand rotary cut angled strings and pieced in a string block method, I used knit fabric which worked out but I can see where it would have been much easier to use woven fabrics... but I do have lots of knits and even though it can be tricky I am going to use some of what I have and make some awesome functional and pretty quilts. I had joined a really great quilting group on Yahoo Groups and I love it! Wonderful people and really good information. I am in this strange juxtaposition of working with metal and then working with fabrics... my hands are so worn and rough from callus and using my files and such that I can snag and have fabric scraps hanging from my fingers.. lol.. lots of hand lotion for me I guess.


Mei said...

Cat, I actually was looking seriously at quilting projects when I discovered wire jewelry. Never looked back at quilting or sewing projects after that. Interest is still there but i am addicted to wire at the moment..:P

Cattrix said...

Mei, I just started quilting..but I'm Addicted to wire also, it's fun to go from the hardness of jewelry making to the softness of fabric! A yin and yang kind of thing! :)