Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Five day Project on ABC

I belong to an Altered Art group on Yahoo, the ABC...Altered Book Club.
It does not center on just Altered Books, but in pretty much all aspects of art.
I have really enjoyed the group in that it gives a wanna be artist like myself a place to study and gain some education in this new area of art.
Recently we had a challenge project that piqued my interest as it was five days long, with the instructions being issused in the morning by our challenge host Elizabeth. The interesting point for me was we did not have much of an idea going forth as to what we would end up with... it was a blind challenge. We were to follow the instructions and spend approximately twenty minutes a day working on the project. All the materials that were used were items most would have on hand and inexpensive. It was a blast, I really enjoyed this challenge and even though my project theme morphed and changed as I worked on it, I was pleased with the outcome. And working on this forced me to utilize some techniques and materials I had not used before.
The project was a 9 flag banner that we constructed out of lightweight card board, paint and whatever accouterments we decided to use, here is mine.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I thought you didn't like to blog, Cat. You write so well and described the project better than I did. You should have been the one writing the instructions!

What a fantastic job on your banner and congratulations on posting, regardless whether you like to or not.

Kate said...

Your banner is really wonderful, thanks for sharing it.

Kate said...

Thank you for sharing your banner!

Cattrix said...

Thank you Elizabeth, If I had more time I would probably enjoy blogging. I'm not the greatest nor fastest typist in the world And I can't speel worth a tinkers dam. So it takes me an extraordinarily looong time to mull, compose and correct a post. Takes the fun out of it. Thank Goodness I DO have Tinyspell an ongoing spelling app.
I might not post much but you know how much I thoroughly enjoy our ABC group. I want to paint Bluebeard btw. He is a Cutie for sure.

J E R I said...

Yep this is a work of art ...... love the colors and such a creative theme ... Linda F

Halle said...

You picked the same colors as me! One day I'll finish mine...not today though. :) You did such a great job!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Had to come by and visit from Elizabeth's blog

Your banner looks great, very lively colors and content! It's always exciting to see different people's take on a theme!

Donna: said...

Love your banner... those eyes!!! Very neat !

Cindy McMath said...

Wow Cat, your banner turned out beautifully! I found your theme and images intriguing too. And the colours are eye-poppingly gorgeous! Fantastic all-around project.

I hope to get mine done one of these days!

Cindy :)

Cattrix said...

Thank you everyone, I very much appreciate your positive comments. :) The theme I had in mind, was going to do with the Phoenix, it's why I chose the fiery colors and painted feathery gold accents on the back of the flags.. but as I was working it evolved into a cathartic experience dealing with certain volatile and traumatic relationships. Which happily ended a long long time ago. I liked these banners so much I am going to do several more, one for my daughters room and our living room, plus I would like to make a flag book, maybe that can be the Phoenix themed one.
Thanx! And waving to all my Art Friends!

Gina said...


I am going back as promised to all of the five day project blogs and commenting... I lusted for every one of them!! Your piece was especially intriguing to me. I love how you worked with the faces...very powerful images. Some day I shall finish mine as well!