Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Day "After" Earthday!

I tried to get a post up last night but I had just to many irons in the fire,, so in Honor of Earth day I am going to make it Earth Week and post for a few days on how there are some good things that we all can do for our HOME Planet Earth.
Yesterday I got a bunny up my fanny, and went through a big "catch all" laundry basket that sits in a place of comfort on top of my dryer, I was looking for any reusable fabrics to recycle into a few baby quilts for 2 new Nephews and a 4 year old niece, and I found to my delight 3 forgotten Tee Shirts that have probably been in that basket for years. Heavy duty and relatively stain free,,, I was gazing at them thinking they would not be very good choices for quilts but... ahhhh somewhere in the back of my mind I seemed to have read something about making reusable grocery bags from tee shirts... What better way of spending Earth Day then making something that is good for the environment! And then the Search began, found lots of links via Google on the subject, which led me to Martha and there was a Tute and a video of how to turn a Tee shirt into a nifty Grocery tote,,, I rousted my lazy ol' sewing machine from it's slumber and had to "re learn" how to thread and bobbin the thing... yeah it's been awhile since I used it... insert chagrined embarrassed sheepish look. I used to love to sew ... fairly simple things but I have been feeling this urge to get back to some fiber arts and do something with fabric... as if I didn't have enough on my agenda... Anyway I whipped up 3 bags in less then 2 hours.. and it would have taken me allot less if I had not had to tinker with getting used to the machine ... simple and these will be truly useful! Hubs was really impressed as he is the one that does the shopping and is always hating bringing home those awful plastic bags... ahhh Domestic bliss.

Quick tute here... turn tee, inside out.. sew across bottom... smooth and cut off arms, leaving the seam on the soon to be bag for added strength.. I left a small bit of fabric and turned a small hem to make a more finished look, but not actually needed.. smooth neck line flat and without wrinkles.. place a 9in plate of bowl centered around neck line and mark with pencil, cut out .. in effect you have removed the knitted collar, I then used a zig zag stitch and went around the edge about 1/2 inch in, maybe this is not needed either, but I feel this may allow adequate stretch but not over stretch.. Turn right side out and you have a very sturdy washable reusable item that will do a small bit in your effort to be Green.
I had a great time making them and the viddy you can find on Martha Stewart's website, find the search and put in reusable grocery bags from tee shirts.

Happy Day "After" Earth Day...

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