Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mr. Socky Sox

This is not a great picture, it was taken thru my kitchen window that is covered with storm plastic. This handsome feller is a feral cat we were worried about and ended up feeding him and another who we think is his mother or litter mate... He has gotten to the point of stepping into the house and he sometimes makes a quick circuit to check things out, but he is way not an indoor cat and prefers the outdoors. Somebody else must be feeding him also as he is getting quite plump, and sometimes he turns his little nose up at the brand of food we get,, little bugger... he is fairly friendly, though he prefers my husband over me. My husband takes the time to baby talk him, and get some petting time in . My daughter is dead set against any cats as pets.. she has Down Syndrome and is mildly autistic .. and has always had a difficult time being comfortable with animals.. I think it is that animals can be unpredictable, especially kittens.. sharp sticky little paws and claws.. We have had a few dogs and one she was very fond of as Sheba was a very sweet and gentle creature, that my daughter felt very safe with. But at this time we are just not ready for any more pets other then the strays that know where a free meal can be had..
We call Socky, Mr. Orange Guy, Mr. Orangecickle.. Le Orange Master Ninja of the Cat World, Mr. O.. Mr. Orange pants... and "Hey you picky Orange thing" my daughter just says "NO Kitty inside, The End! "
I am going to try and get a better picture of him and paint a flat stone and do a pendant of him.

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